Founded in Rosenberg, TX in 1983, partners Mark Freeman and Marty Hopkins began in the oil tool industry making alloy balls and seats with their company Tungsten Trim Works. Mark and Marty incorporated Bubbletight in 2010 to make and sell balls used for zonal isolation – frac balls.

Bubbletight first marketed degradable polymer frac balls in 2013. In 2014 Bubbletight introduced degradable metal balls to the industry. Bubbletight began manufacturing custom degradable frac plugs in 2015. In 2016, Bubbletight introduced DDP™ – the world’s first low-temperature degradable diverter polymer.

Bubbletight is committed to serving our customers in the oil and natural gas extraction industries – providing leading-edge degradable tools and materials.

Quality and delivery have been our focus since day one. By completely controlling the IP and supply chain and doing all of our own manufacturing in Texas, we are able to deliver the highest-quality products in the most timely fashion – at the most competitive prices.

Research and development is ongoing at our Needville location. We also perform our pressure and degradation testing on-site.

Quality First

We are committed to our customers and promise top quality and reliable delivery


We own the IP and control the supply chain – for unrivaled quality at competitive prices

In-House Testing

Pressure and degradation testing is performed on-site at our Needville, TX facility

Continuous R&D

We’re already working toward the next generation of degradable materials