Bubbletight, LLC manufactures top-quality dissolvable polymer balls; specifically designed for composite frac plugs. Our Impermian™ brand dissolvable balls can be used in exactly like traditional, non-dissolvable balls — but provide the added security and convenience of on-demand dissolubility. For instance, in the case of perf gun malfunction, a traditional frac ball would require you to mill-out the plug. With our dissolvable polymer Impermian™ frac balls, you can simply dissolve the ball and pump down new guns without mechanical interventions.

Manufactured for both BIP and ball-drop frac plug configurations, our Impermian™ dissolvable balls provide excellent performance for both fresh and saline conditions between 60°F to 200+°F.

  • For fresh and saline conditions 60° F to 200° F +
  • For BIP and ball-drop types
  • Run the Impermian™ ball just as you would your standard non-dissolvable ball
  • In the instance of a perf gun malfunction, dissolve the Impermian™ ball and pump down new guns without having to mill out the plug
  • Impermian™ balls dissolve and will enable the operator to produce through the composite plugs while they wait on coil tubing