Degradable Downhole Tools

Bubbletight is the ONLY company in the world that offers balls and tools made from BOTH exclusive patent-pending degradable polymerselastomers AND metals. Bubbletight owns the IP and controls the supply chain to provide our customers with unrivaled quality, service and delivery.  Mechanical and degradation testing is performed in-house in our Needville, TX location (Houston).

Using our exclusive patent-pending degradable polymers, we manufacture and sell degradable diverter balls, low-temperature degradable diverter polymer, degradable composite frac balls, degradable elastomeric sealing elements. We also manufacture and sell degradable composite metal frac balls for sliding-sleeve and plug-and-perf zonal isolation.

In addition to off-the shelf frac balls and diverters, we manufacture custom tools such as frac plugs for our customers. We couple your designs with our exclusive suite of degradable materials – polymer, metal and elastomer.