Degradable Composite Metal

Bubbletight’s DCM™ degradable composite metal frac balls are produced through powder-metallurgy – thereby exhibiting strength and degradation characteristics far superior to a ball made from alloy.


Degradable Elastomeric Polymer

Our patent-pending fresh-water degradable elastomeric polymer is the only elastomer on the market that can degrade in low-temperature wells: the ideal material choice for sealing elements in downhole applications.


Degradable Diverter Polymer

In pellet form, our low-temperature degradable diverter polymer is used in mid-stage and re-frac completion jobs. DDP™ is also used in our 8ths Balls™ degradable diverter balls and Monofil™ degradable monofilament.

8ᵗʰˢ Balls™

Degradable Polymer Diverter Balls

Molded from our exclusive patent-pending DDP™ polymer, our degradable diverter balls are available in 1/8” size increments. These 8ths Balls™ are tested to withstand pressures exceeding 10,000 psi and degrade into a liquid.

LEGAL NOTICE: The patent infringement litigation pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas between Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations LLC and Bubbletight, LLC was dismissed by agreement of the parties on September 28, 2017. Click here for a copy of the Court’s order.

Oil & Gas Tools

Bubbletight develops and manufactures leading-edge materials and tools for oil and natural gas extraction; for processes such as fracking and shale oil extraction.


Our downhole tools and materials and manufactured and tested right here – in our Needville facility, conveniently located just outside of Houston, TX.

Degradable Materials

We specialize in degradable polymers, elastomers, and metals for downhole applications. Our patent-pending materials feature impressive mechanical strength and rapid degradation.