Brass & Bronze Alloy Balls

360 Brass (C360000)

360 Brass C360000 (H02) – also known as Free Machining Brass – is an alloy of copper and zinc. This grade has the highest machinability of all copper alloys and is the standard against which all other brasses are compared – and it’s one of the most popular copper alloys used today. 360 Brass is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion with properties closely resembling that of steel. 360 Brass is also valued for its high-polished finish.

Aluminum-Bronze Al-Bz 954

954 Aluminum Bronze is one of the strongest and most complex of the copper-based bearing alloys. Its aluminum additive provides most of its strength, which permits this alloy to be used at unit loads up to 50 percent higher than those of the leaded-tin alloy C932. Because of its high strength, however, it has fairly low ductility and does not conform or embed well. 954 Aluminum Bronze does not have the anti-seizing properties of 932 Bearing Bronze, but it does have excellent corrosion resistance and superior elevated temperature strength.

Nickel-Bronze Ni-Bz 630

C 630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze is an extruded aluminum bronze that contains nickel, and is alloyed for exceptional strength and toughness. It’s used where higher mechanical properties are required.