8ths Balls™ : Degradable Polymer Diverter Balls

Molded from our exclusive patent-pending DDP™ polymer, our degradable diverter balls are available in 1/8” size increments. These 8ths Balls™ are tested to withstand pressures exceeding 10,000 psi and degrade into a liquid.

Bubbletight’s degradable diverter balls are used to block perforations in plug-and-perf completions; as a zonal isolation tool in initial fracking and re-frac jobs.

Since we manufacture our degradable polymer diverter balls in-house, we can offer them for prices far lower than our competition. We maintain stock of standard 0.875” diverter ball size. Custom sizes and specifications are available.


Ø 0.875” (22.225 mm)

Specific Gravity:

1.20 – 1.30

Temperature Range:

50 °F – 170 °F (10 °C – 77 °C)

Compatible Fluids:

Polar solvents such as water, brine, short chain alcohols

Incompatible Fluids:

Non-polar solvents such as Toluene, Xylene, Diesel, Benzene, Kerosene


Keep in sealed bag in cool area until ready for use. Coat the balls in mineral oil prior to placing in ball injector to prevent sticking.

Diameter Decrease at 70 °F and 175 °F in Fresh Water