Dissolvable Frac Balls

Bubbletight, LLC manufactures and distributes dissolvable frac balls — made from our exclusive, patent-pending dissolvable metals and polymers. We offer a wide range of ball sizes and materials to best suit your particular fracking operation.

It is important to match the grade of ball to the conditions of each well. Bubbletight balls are graded according to the fluids they will degrade in. If you provide us with your well conditions (temperature, chloride %, acid %) and desired ball performance (total seat overlap, time to unseat and complete dissolution), we will gladly help you select the right ball for your application.

Dissolvable Metal Frac Balls

Our dissolvable metal frac balls come in a variety of dissolution characteristics, and all are made and tested right here in Needville, Texas.  Please contact us for details.

Dissolvable Polymer Frac Balls

Our degradable polymer frac balls are ideal for zonal isolation. These balls provide excellent strength and physical properties with rapid dissolution. Please contact us to discuss your application.