DCM™ : Degradable Composite Metal

Bubbletight’s patent-pending DCM™ degradable composite metal is used to make frac balls for zonal isolation, frac plugs, threaded plugs, etc. Our metal manufacturing is done here in Houston, TX in an ISO 9000/2001 registered manufacturing facility.

DCM™ Frac Balls

DCM™ frac balls are produced through powder-metallurgy, thereby exhibiting strength and degradation characteristics far superior to alloy balls. Every ball we sell is heat-lot traceable. We keep coupons on file for every heat-lot we manufacture. Our record keeping is in accordance with MIL-STD. Bubbletight has sold over 40,000 DCM™ balls and has an exemplary record in the field.

It is important to match the grade of ball to the conditions of each well. Bubbletight balls are graded according to the fluids they will degrade in. If you provide us with your well conditions (temperature, chloride %, acid %) and desired ball performance (total seat overlap, time to unseat and complete dissolution), we will gladly help you select the right ball for your application.

DCM™2XBegins to degrade in 120°F fresh water, very reactive to chlorides.
DCM™3XBegins to degrade in ambient-temperature water with low (1.5%+) chlorides.
DCM™10XReacts to chlorides at roughly 25% of the speed of DCM™3X. More more suited for a higher-chloride (3%+) and/or higher-temperature environments.
DCM™20XRecommended for high-temperature / high-chloride environments – and where HCl is present to unseat and complete dissolution.

Our DCM™ frac balls feature a distinctive “starburst” pattern on the exterior of the ball, created in our proprietary grinding process.

DCM™ Custom Frac Plug Components

Combine our material with your design. Bubbletight will manufacture your custom frac plug components using our patent-pending DCM degradable metal materials. Please contact us to discuss your project and its requirements.